It’s hurricane season once again, and this brings with it a unique set of challenges.

From storm prep to emergency preparation, there’s plenty to think about for hurricanes that head towards Florida. On top of that, the tropical nature of our state also brings plenty of afternoon thunderstorms and heavy rainfall that can prove just as destructive in any particular instance. All of these elevated challenges also bring with them the threat of new pest control issues that can easily overwhelm you if not properly prepared. Check out our list below for a quick overview of some pointers you can take to protect your home from pests during hurricane season, or read the full article at the following link:


1. Address Large Pest Control Issues Pre-Storm

Deferred maintenance before a storm can cause extra issues during and after a storm. Make sure you are sealing all structural issues that water or pests could take advantage of.

2. Drain Standing Water

Mosquitoes will breed anywhere they can find standing water. Ensure that all your drainage systems are working properly, and any areas that fill with standing water from rain are emptied.

3. Get Rid Of Your Trash

One of the worst aspects of losing power is spoiled food. Be sure to dispose of any waste quickly to avoid attracting flies or rodents. It is often prudent to store your trash cans away from your house when possible.

4. Identify Water Damage

Termites always need to be caught early to avoid unneccesary and expensive damage. These pests will take advantage of soft, water-damaged wood. Stay on top of any wood-rot repairs you need to make and call a professional if you suspect you may have termite damage.

5. Check For Openings Caused By Damage

Critters such as mice and rats are also affected by storms, and can often try to take advantage of storm-created openings to take up residence in your dry home. Repair any damage as quickly as possible following a storm to mitigate this threat.

6. Contact A Pest Conrol Professional

We realize that, in the midst of storm season, taking time to focus on pest control can be overwhelming for a home or business owner. That’s why we are here to help! Contact ProGuard Solutions Group today for help with any of your lawn and pest needs, from rodent and termite control to preemptive pest control and lawn prep. We are here to help keep your family safe, no matter what the sky throws at you!