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Spring Lawn Preparation In Florida

It’s spring in Florida and preparing your lawn for summer is high on the to-do list. While everyone is stuck at home, there are steps we can take to prepare for a summer of parties and get-togethers in our yards. Now is a great time to do some extra work while our...

Lawn Care Pest Control

Many of us have grown accustomed to social distancing in recent weeks, which means we have been staying home much more. For some, this means that you spend a good amount of time in your yard, for others the lack of parties and social gatherings has left your yard far...

Florida Termites 101

Termites are one of the most devestating infestations to deal with. Unlike many other Sunshine State pests that present various challenges, termites are by far the most costly risk you can face. It is now estimated that termites cause more than 5 billion dollars in...


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