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Discover the difference with ProGuard Solutions Group

Discover the ProGuard Difference

At ProGuard Solutions Group we believe in offering unique and customized solutions to solve the specific problems you’re facing. If you’re dealing with generic pests, problems specific to central Florida, or you aren’t sure what the problem is our technicians are ready and willing to help you deal with whatever comes your way! Our certified technicians and staff all have years of experience in a wide variety of pest and lawn treatments, including:

Pest and lawn services for commercial companies

Exterior pest control (including wasp and mud dauber knock down)

Interior Pest Control (specializing in sensitive & water source areas)

Rodent Control (with the option of rock shaped stations)

Termite prevention programs and treatments

Lawn care (insect, weed and disease control and custom blended applications)

Committed to Integrity and Accountability

We take pride in the fact that we retain our customers year after year by maintaining our high standards of customer service. We do this not only by guaranteeing our services, but also by offering referral programs and encouraging word of mouth. The biggest compliment we can get is your recommendation to your friends and family! We are also licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and are fully insured for property and general liability. All of our field technicians are Best Management Practices (BMP) Certified and are dedicated to fast and friendly service. 

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