Many of us have grown accustomed to social distancing in recent weeks, which means we have been staying home much more. For some, this means that you spend a good amount of time in your yard, for others the lack of parties and social gatherings has left your yard far emptier than normal. Whatever category you find yourself in, now is a vital time to focus on dealing with the below and above ground pests that afflict your lawn.


Subterranean Pests


Eastern Subterranean Termites, which we touched on a bit last month, are one of the biggest underground threats to both your yard and your home. These termites feed on wood and can destroy a house while undetected. They live underground feeding on organic material but will often be found in damp areas including sheds and basements.


The best treatment approach to deal with these termites is Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. This is a pest management strategy that aims to have minimal environmental impact while still being effective at deterring the pest in question. Using this strategy, simple steps can be helpful in guarding against these termites, such as:


  • Storing wood piles away from buildings and not in direct contact with soil
  • Remove debris under and around structures
  • Remove tree stumps
  • Look for and repair small fractures in structural concrete
  • Deal with plumbing or drainage leaks quickly to reduce moisture


Above-Ground Pests


There are a good number of pests that like to call your yard home and will be found in your grass and garden. The Chinch Bug is one of the most common bugs to ravage yards because they feed on grass and damage it with the saliva they inject into the leaf. Sod Webworms are another pest that will cause long-standing problems for your yard by feeding on your grass at night, while they are larvae. This damage is often masked by new grass growth and can be difficult to detect until lawns go dormant due to drought or heat stress, which are both common in Florida. White grubs are another common pest that can cause a lot of problems, if left undetected, because they feed on the roots of your grass.


Due to the difficulties that can arise in treating these various pests, early detection is vital. If you suspect an infestation in your yard or just want to check in on the state of your lawn and shrubs, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We always offer free inspections and estimates. We can treat your lawn to either remove or prevent pests. We also offer pet friendly and child safe pest control practices so you can get your lawn back to being party ready soon!