Termites are one of the most devestating infestations to deal with. Unlike many other Sunshine State pests that present various challenges, termites are by far the most costly risk you can face. It is now estimated that termites cause more than 5 billion dollars in property damage each year in the United States (that’s $5,000,000,000). While there are more than 3,000 termite species worldwide, there are 5 specific species we face in the US and all of them can be found in Florida.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites cause the most damage and most often go undetected due to their burrowing nature. They are best known for their tunnels (or mud tubes) that they use to travel and protect themselves. This species is the most prevalent species in the US.

Formosan Termites

The formosan termite is the most aggressive termite species. A full-size colony is capable of consuming a full foot of 2×4 lumber in just 25 days! This species specifically lives in the southern states, Florida included.

Drywood Termites

Unlike the previous two species, drywood termites don’t require soil to live. This makes them a particular threat to infesting furniture and interior framing, even in a wet state like Florida. They aren’t as aggressive as other species, but are prone to be transported in infested furniture.

Conehead Termites

Conehead termites are named after the unique head shape of the workers, which make up a majority of the colony. These termites travel above the ground, which makes them able to move about much easier than other species. They can still tunnel through interior wood, which means they are sometimes hard to detect. This species is specific to southern Florida.

Dampwood Termites

As you would expect, Dampwood termites generally infest wood with higher moisture content. They are prevalent in various parts of southern Florida, where they can often be found in houses with water damage, such as leaking roofs or cracked pipes. These termites will hide inside wooden beams and cover their entrance holes with their own feces.

As you can see there are a number of considerations when it comes to termite treatment, especially in Florida. With so many different avenues of infestation to worry about, the most effective treatment is determent. Proper lawn treatment goes a long way in protecting your home against all varieties of subterranean termites, and exterior treatments can keep many pests including termites from accessing the inside of your home via small cracks or vulnerabilities. If you think you may be dealing with termites on your property, ProGuard Solutions offers a free termite inspection and quote. If you want to learn about how you can be taking preventative steps against this costly intruder, give us a call and we’d be happy to do a free consultation and quote. We take pride in protecting your family, and we guarantee our termite service. Treatment now can save thousands of dollars in damages later!

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